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Fine Dining in Beaufort

Nestled along the scenic coast of South Carolina, the charming town of Beaufort beckons visitors with its historic charm, picturesque waterfront, and a culinary scene that blends Southern traditions with modern innovation. For those seeking a memorable dining experience, Beaufort offers a selection of local fine dining establishments that are sure to tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression.


Unlike any other restaurant BLACKSHEEP is unique in that you eat the food the way it’s plated. The chef offers up unique tastings and pairs these meals with super curated and obsessively pined over selection of beers and wines that pair well with the food on the menu. The menu changes monthly and reservations are a must but also difficult to get. BUT the have opened up Open Bar Seats that do not need reservations.

The neon sign in the window acts as an indicator to let you know if seats are available (or not). If the sign is turned ON, it means bar seats are full. If the sign is turned OFF, it means seats are available.

Old Bull Tavern

Nestled on West St downtown, Old Bull Tavern is a one and only high-energy, eclectic, friendly neighborhood gastropub that offers an upscale dining experience with a focus on craft cocktails and creative cuisine. The menu features a mix of classic and innovative dishes. Another place where you will want to call and get a reservation a few days in advance. Sometimes you can walk in and get a table for two. Once there, you must order the Olive Tapenade!

This Menu is subject to change whenever but I’ve never been when there wasn’t an amazing option to choose. They have their own wood burning fire for pizza and the best cocktails!

Saltus River Grill

One of Beaufort’s culinary gems is the Saltus River Grill, a renowned fine dining destination that marries breathtaking waterfront views with a menu that celebrates the bounty of the sea. With its sleek and sophisticated ambiance, Saltus offers an inviting setting for an upscale dining experience. Freshly caught seafood takes center stage here, prepared with expert precision and an artful touch. From the delicate flavors of pan-seared scallops to the robust richness of locally sourced oysters, Saltus River Grill captures the essence of coastal cuisine in each dish.

In Beaufort, fine dining isn’t just about exquisite cuisine—it’s an invitation to savor the essence of the town’s culture, history, and community. Whether you’re dining along the waterfront, enjoying innovative twists on Southern classics, or savoring the rich flavors of locally sourced ingredients, Beaufort’s fine dining establishments offer a delectable taste of what makes this coastal gem truly special.

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